Pixel Art

Pixel Art Self-Portrait > wander A screencap of a randomly generated exploration game submitted for the GGJ 2021. Meat Daith – Character Portrait RPG Clock Scythe / Sickle Grimmsey – Character portrait Angel Sprite Angel Character Sprite Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Quidem, provident. Dog Character Portrait Medieval Manuscript Empty

Concept Art & Character Design

Concept Art & Character Design All Characters Environment Daith Color Palettes Color palette tests for Daith, an elven alchemy apprentice. TCWME Protagonist The protagonist for the narrative exploration game, The Curse of the Wolf with Many Eyes. Kaenan Design The final design for Kaenan, a fox shifter and professional entertainer, traveler, and con man. The Blue Room Gambler The customer you meet in The Blue Room demo. He’s a young,


DogSafe Studies, Logo Design, Software, App Previous Next A design challenge to design the logo and the basic UI layout for an app that allows you to track the food you feed your pets. The idea is that you can track allergy information, and scan food with your phone camera to check ingredients for any potentially toxic or dangerous ingredients.

Shooter HUD Layout

Shooter HUD Layout Studies, FPS, Sci-fi This HUD Layout was designed as a one-day challenge from a randomly generated prompt: sci-fi, FPS, horror. This prompt had me a little bit out of my element, but I was eager to try something new! These assets were in part influenced and inspired by Halo, Dead Space, Mass Effect, and The Evil Within.

Fantasy RPG UI

Fantasy RPG UI Studies, RPG, Fantasy, Farming Sim, Pixel Art Previous Next These UI assets are test assets for a fantasy farming RPG concept, inspired by classics from the genre including Rune Factory, Harvest Moon, and Stardew Valley. The loose concept for the game is a village of monsters and creatures, where you play as a farmer who grows cultured meat based from ethically sourced cells. Aside from meat, you


UI/UX The Curse of the Wolf With Many Eyes A mockup of the main dialogue box and the “Wolf Sight” mechanic UI. The Curse Of The Wolf With Many Eyes Pause Menu assets. The Curse Of The Wolf With Many Eyes Misc. icons The Curse Of The Wolf With Many Eyes Wolf Sight (Inactive and Activated) The Curse Of The Wolf With Many Eyes Rough Title Screen Mockup & Composition


Illustration & Animation All Black & White Full Color Sketchbook Animation Potion Bottles Blackwork A set of potion bottle flash designs from unused sketches for a commission. Medieval Demon A demon drawing that uses design elements and hatching techniques influenced by medieval manuscript marginalia and engravings. Emma Portrait A commissioned portrait for author B.L. Koller. Depicts Emma from her gothic horror novel series, Spirits of Beckton. Black Cat A blackwork

Powerbomb Heaven

2D, Fighting Game, Wrestling, Prototype In a fantastical, futuristic universe in the  year 31XX, all kinds of strange and exotic fighters come from all over the galaxy to the universe’s greatest wrestling promotion: POWERBOMB HEAVEN. Their goal?  Prove their mettle and take the title of GALACTIC CHAMPION.  Powerbomb Heaven is a prototype for a sci-fi and pro wrestling themed 2D fighting game. Attack, Grapple and Sell your way to victory as