Hey! I’m Damon! (he/him)

I’m a game designer/developer and multidisciplinary artist with a focus on empathetic st0rytelling, experimentation and exploration. I like to wear a lot of hats and involve myself in a handful of creative disciplines, including illustration, animation, 3D art, production, UX/UI, concept art, narrative design, and programming (mostly C#, with a brief foray into C++ and javascript). I’m at my best in a highly collaborative environment where I get to talk through design problems and solutions!

I love to learn new skills and be involved in new experimental projects and prototypes, and I’m eager to pick up new software and engines when needed.

When I’m not making games, I’m usually making art about gender and feelings, or I’m playing games with friends (most recently various TTRPGs, Final Fantasy XIV, and Genshin Impact) or farming sims, RPGs, and puzzle games by myself. (I’m a longtime fan of Harvest Moon!) I also love to cook, bake, and watch cartoons and anime.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to chat! 

Resume available upon request.