3D, Stunt Game, Driving

Project Role

VFX Artist, Programmer, Game Designer


Lucas Valensa
Corran Nolan


Game Design: The concept for the game was developed by the entire team through rapid brainstorming sessions and playtesting.

VFX Art: I was responsible for any particle effects and programming them in.

Programming: I contributed to gameplay programming alongside Lucas and Corran.


This game was developed in Unity over the course of 3 days during the 2019 Global Game Jam.

The theme that year was “Home”, and after shooting some ideas, the three of us settled on a game where you drive an RV — a home that you take with you.

The setting is based on the real life Tucson, Arizona (as opposed to Tuscon, a desert where the world’s two suns can be visible in the sky). The idea was in part inspired by the game Desert Bus.