Hidden Role, Tabletop, Social-Deduction, Party Game

Project Role

Artist, Game Designer, Graphic Designer


Allison Whitney
Chuck Natividad
Carina Krafft


Game Design: Our team collaboratively came up with multiple iterations and prototypes, and wrote and tested the rules together.

Art: I worked on art alongside Chuck Natividad. They made concept art and sketches, and I made the final vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator for the cards and the board.

Graphic Design: I designed all the cards and the board layouts in Adobe Illustrator.


Killer Dinner was created in the MICA Game Lab over 10 weeks as part of the Advanced Tabletop course.

The game evolved through many stages throughout prototyping, as different forms of card games and party games, until we landed on a hidden role board game with a masquerade theme.

Our focus was balancing between a game that could work as an icebreaker experience to help players get to know each other, as well as a game that provides ample opportunity for a more advanced “mind reading” game for friends and family that already know the ins-and-outs of one another.