Narrative, Point & Click, Exploration, Visual Novel

Journey through the past through the eyes of an old, retired adventurer.

Lucien is a short narrative adventure where you go through the various belongings picked up through the titular main character’s journeys. As you inspect the items, Lucien reminisces about the past.

This game was created in collaboration with Damon Stallman. Coming soon to

Project Role

Artist, UI/UX Designer, Game Designer, Writer


Allison Whitney


Game Design: Allison and I worked together on the basic narrative structure and gameplay for Lucien together during meetings. We decided to use my character as the protagonist in the world that they made.

Art Direction: I was responsible for Art Direction and all of asset creation. I made a small amount of concept art to develop the visual style.

Asset Creation: I drew the assets in Procreate and imported them into Unity.

UI Design: I designed all the UI in Procreate, and animated it in Unity.

Writing: I wrote the script for the game, and designed and wrote the character Lucien. Collaboratively, Allison and I decided on the events that Lucien recollects.


Lucien was created in Unity for the Narrative Design course at MICA, in collaboration with Allison Whitney. The prompt we were given was a Point & Click exploration game.

Our idea for Lucien was based off a Tabletop Role-Playing Game we played together, with the setting written and the game run by Allison. Lucien was the character I wrote and played during that campaign. The events that Lucien recalls in this game are events we played out, and Iefyr, the other character who appears in Lucien, was written and played by Allison.

Lucien is a labor of love that combines some of our deepest passions: fantasy, RPGs,  slice-of-life, character building, and worldbuilding.