The Blue Room VR

Visual Novel, Narrative, Simulation, Virtual Reality

Project Role

Lead Artist, Game Designer


Allison Whitney


Game Design: Allison Whitney and I collaborated on the concept and setting for The Blue Room, and determined the core game loop together.

Concept Art: I developed the visual style and concept art for The Blue Room. The room itself was designed to give a retro, otherworldly, mysterious, and calm atmosphere.

Art: The Blue Room uses a combination of 2D sprites and 3D models. The sprites are drawn in Procreate, and the 3D objects were made in blender.

Level Design: I organized and designed the layout of the shop, and sized the player to be able to reach everything without moving too far. I was also responsible for lighting the scene.


This prototype was developed in Unity using the Oculus Quest at the MICA Game Lab for the Advanced 3D Game Design course.

When developing this game, we wanted to utilize our newfound knowledge of VR games to create a visual novel / shopkeep game, and see how the spatial aspects of VR can affect the atmosphere of the narrative and world.

The Blue Room takes the idea of a pawn shop, and all the baggage that comes with it, and tells a story about the memories that used, pawned, and confiscated objects in the shop can hold. We want to explore what kinds of situations can push people to relinquish their most precious memories, and the consequences of getting rid of painful memories as well. We intend to create meaningful interaction with patrons that have feelings, trauma, passions, hobbies, and lives of their own.