> wander

Exploration, Adventure, Experimental, Randomly Generated

>wander is an experimental game in a randomly generated map with randomly generated items. When you wander far enough, the day begins anew and you can encounter new items and events.

This game was created over the span of 48 hours in collaboration with Allison Whitney for the Global Game Jam 2021.

Project Role

Artist, UI/UX Designer, Game Designer, Programmer


Allison Whitney


Game Design: Allison and I worked together on the basic idea for gameplay within a 15 minute brainstorming session.

Art Direction: I was responsible for Art Direction and all of asset creation. I made a small amount of concept art to develop the visual style.

Asset Creation: I made all the assets in MS Paint, including tilemaps, the player and player animation, and the UI.

UI Design: I designed all the UI in MS Paint and imported it to Unity.

Programming: I wrote the scripts for the randomly generated map, which places tiles based on generated noise, and places all the environment and objects.


>wander was developed remotely in Unity over the course of 48 hours during the Global Game Jam 2021 with collaborator Allison Whitney. The theme for the year was “Lost & Found”, and we decided to make a game about picking up lost items. We used the opportunity to learn new programming skills in random generation using noise maps and random seeds. The map, item placement, item descriptions, and sound are all randomly generated.