Narrative, Adventure, Walking Sim, Visual Novel

Take a pilgrimage to a sacred sight to cure yourself of a curse that takes away your autonomy.

The Curse of the Wolf With Many Eyes is a narrative exploration game where you travel up a mountain. As you progress, the game takes your control away from you more and more as the curse runs its course. Throughout the journey, you can find hidden items and texts left behind by those that traveled before you. Perhaps they can shed some light on where you are, how you got there, and who you may become.

Project Role

Artist, UI/UX Designer, Game Designer, Programmer


Allison Whitney


Game Design: Allison and I worked together on the basic narrative structure and gameplay for The Curse of the Wolf With Many Eyes together during video conferences. Individually, I laid out most of our sandbox demo levels as well.

Art Direction: I was responsible for Art Direction and all of asset creation. I made a small amount of concept art to develop the visual style.

Asset Creation: I drew the assets in Procreate, and created billboarded prefabs for most of the objects and environment. For buildings and structures, I created simple, low poly 3D models within Unity, and created custom shaders and textures.

UI Design: I designed all the UI in Procreate, and animated it in Unity.

Programming: I implemented all the art assets, and wrote the scripts for the billboarded assets.


The Curse of the Wolf With Many Eyes was created in Unity over the span of 48 hours, in collaboration with Allison Whitney during the 2022 Global Game Jam. The theme we worked off of was “duality”, and after a generous amount of brainstorming, we settled on the idea of a narrative game driven by the duality within the protagonist of their autonomy and the personified curse that pulls it away.

During the development of this story, we explored the feeling of losing control, and designed the curse as a physical manifestation of the different battles we face that take away our autonomy, such as mental health struggles, body dysphoria, fear, oppression, and abuse.